Some Assembly Required, the popular guidebook to learning and learning disabilities by LDAO, is back with some sweet new covers! This set of three workbooks and a facilitator’s guide is available for order from our online store in a complete set of four books. Aimed at students in grades 6-9.

cover of SOAR book 1 Book One: L’s and D’s looks at how people learn, and how students choose their academic focuses through their learning styles, interests, and abilities. It explains how a learning disability interferes with learning, and what can be done to help. It also presents a model for considering approaches to problems.


book cover of SOAR 2 Book Two: Skills for Success breaks down school tasks into three areas (daily work, studying and tests, and projects and assignments) and explains how students can approach each area. Students are asked to complete a short presentation project as practice.
cover of SOAR book 3 Book Three: Making Choices for the Future prepares students for the changes and choices that will come in high school. It offers strategies for staying organized and on top of schoolwork, and it discusses Individual Education Plans and accommodations. Different career paths are also discussed, and a list of resources gives students, caregivers, and teachers a guide for further exploration of these issues.
cover of SOAR teacher's guide The SOAR Facilitator’s Guide gives a through overview of the three books, suggestions for presentation and conversation moderation, as well as an informative section on The Emotional Classroom and Techniques That Work.

Book 1, Book 2, Book 3, Facilitator’s Guide

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