Parents input required

Today for Learning Disabilities Month LDAO is sharing a link to the important inquiry now underway by the Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC)

LDAO encourages everyone to support this inquiry by connecting and telling YOUR story. Just because your school board isn’t on the list they are examining in detail doesn’t mean your voice cannot be heard!

LDAO welcomes a review that should find ways to improve the systemic barriers that often occur for parents and students at a critical time in their educational journey. Ontario’s educational system is a very complex machine. Like anything that complex a detailed examination can find best practices and failing systems and recommend changes to benefit students with LDs and others where reading is proving a challenge.

Our quote on the community partners link is on the OHRC page is below.

The Learning Disabilities Associations (LDAs) across Canada started from the Toronto office in 1963 and today is overseen coast-to-coast by the LDA of Canada. The LDAC led the efforts involving the Geoffrey Moore case where the Supreme Court of Canada examined the rights to education and considered the “ramp” required for those with Learning Disabilities to have the access they deserve. The Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario (LDAO) is committed to students with Learning Disabilities being given the best possible opportunities to succeed in Ontario schools and therefore looks forward to the findings and recommendations of the OHRC inquiry.

Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario