Resources from People for Education

Measuring What Matters in education

People for Education is engaged in a five-year project to broaden the Canadian definition of school success, as current measures of success in education are viewed as too narrow and don’t take into account the range of skills that graduates and our society really need. A survey conducted this fall has produced preliminary results and summaries of some of the ideas raised, under the topics of Physical and Mental Health in Schools, Creativity: The State of the Domain, and Social-Emotional Skills, the New Basics. In addition there is an overview of the surveys, webinars, consultations and focus groups hosted over the past year: Measuring What Matters, Beyond the 3R’s.

A Parent and Principal Share Tips on Special Education

Read some tips from a parent and principal who presented at the November 8, 2014 People for Education Conference, under the title, “The Power of Partnerships: Navigating the Maze of Special Education”.


The Parent Engagement Toolkit has practical tips for principals, teachers and parents to help encourage the kinds of parent involvement that has been proven to help students succeed in school. For example, one of the tips is focused on how to help parents talk to their children about school. Talking to kids about school is one of the four most important things parents can do. But it’s not always easy. The tip: Teachers can assign homework that requires students to interview their parents. The result: Parents and kids talking about school!

The parent tip sheets are available in English, French, Chinese, Punjabi, Spanish and Tamil, and the toolkit is available in French and English.