Recent LDAO Policy Statements

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LDAO Public Policy Manual (2002)

The Public Policy Manual is a lengthy document last revised in 2001/2002, which documents LDAO’s positions on a wide array of educational policies. The document is particularly important for Chapter SEAC (Special Education Advisory Committee) representatives, who must be aware of and support these policies. For more information on SEAC and its representatives, select this link.

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LDAO Public Policy Manual in sections:

Section A SEAC Policies (PDF)
Section B Prevention & Research (PDF)
Section C Early Identification and Screening (PDF)
Section D Assessment and Diagnosis (PDF)
Section E IPRCs and Special Education Programming (PDF)
Section F Definitions and Categories of Exceptionalities (PDF)
Section G Placement (including Integration policies) (PDF)
Section H Individual Education Plan – IEP (PDF)
Section I Parents’ and Students’ Rights (PDF)
Section J Records and Report Cards
Section K Funding
Section L Programming and Course Issues
Section M Curriculum and Evaluation
Section N Individuals at Risk
Section P Post-secondary Education
Section Q Professional Standards
Section R Accountability
Section S Human Rights and Disability Issues
Section T Adult Issues

Public Policy Review

Inter-Ministerial Working Group on Learning Disabilities

An update on the report of the Inter-Ministerial Working Group on Learning Disabilities (2008) (PDF File)

Inter-Ministerial Working Group on LDs charts (PDF File)

Inter-Ministerial Working Group on LDs Report (PDF File)

Learning Opportunities Task Force

LDAO Response to the Learning Opportunities Task Force Report (2003) (PDF File)

LOTF Report Summary (PDF File)

LOTF Final Report (PDF File)