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These workshops are designed as a self-paced online workshop to meet the needs and time commitments of busy professional people. The workshop learning outcomes will be met through the exploration of the content provided within each unit, external websites, and additional references provided at the end of the workshop. There are Activities for each Unit in Workshops One, Two and Three.  Completion of the Activities, as well as of a Final Assignment for each Workshop, is required in order to receive the Certificate of Completion. For participants paying the combined rate. a Certificate of Completion will be issued at the end for all three workshops.

Workshop One: An Overview of Learning Disabilities

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Workshop One of the Professionals Series is designed to provide you with a general understanding and historical perspective of learning disabilities, as well as possible warning signs in students. Upon completion you will have developed an awareness of the logistics involved of working with students with learning disabilities, as well as an understanding of assessment practices, learning styles and behavioural characteristics of students with learning disabilities. We will also discuss the various tools and resources that are available for teachers.

Unit Breakdown

Unit 1: An overview of learning disabilities

Unit 2: Working with students with learning disabilities

Unit 3: Tools to assist you in your practice

Unit 4: Workshop resources and references

Workshop Two: Strategies for the Classroom Teacher

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Workshop Two of the Professionals Series explores learning disabilities in more depth by providing an overview of specific learning disabilities related to language and mathematics.  The workshop also provides specific strategies for classroom practice.

Unit Breakdown

Unit 1: Learning Disabilities and Reading

Unit 2: Learning Disabilities and Mathematics

Unit 3: LDs affect other areas

Unit 4: Workshop resources and references

Workshop Three: ADHD Workshop for Educators

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Workshop Three of the Professionals Series will provide specific information to help teachers and other professionals understand what the behavioral symptoms of ADHD look like in preschool, elementary school and high school.

Unit 1: Foundations: Basic Information About ADHD

Unit 2: Rethinking ADHD from a Cognitive Perspective

Unit 3: Understanding the Learning Needs of Students with ADHD

Unit 4: Rethinking the Classroom for Students with ADHD

Unit 5: Workshop resources and references

Professional Workshop series 1, 2 and 3

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