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Moderator: Diane Wagner
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Part One: If Your Child Is Struggling

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This workshop is part one of a three part parent workshop series entitled“Setting Up Your Child for Success”.The workshop is designed as a self-paced online workshop to meet the needs and time commitments of busy parents. The workshop learning outcomes will be met through the exploration of the content provided within each unit, external websites, and additional references provided at the end of the workshop.

Many children at some point in the course of their schooling will experience difficulties. There could be multitude of reasons for these challenges. The following workshop will help you to determine what’s going on with your child in school, and provide you with information and strategies to help you set your child up for success.

Unit Overview

Unit 1: First steps in seeking help for your child

Unit 2: Waiting for the IPRC

Unit 3: Developing a suitable needs statement

Unit 4:  How to be a successful advocate for your child

Unit 5: Additional resources and references for this workshop

Part Two: Understanding the IPRC Process

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This workshop is part two of a three part workshop series “Parent Workshop Series: Setting Your Child Up for Success”.

Exceptional pupils are identified as such by an Identification, Placement, and Review Committee (IPRC). Upon receiving a written request from a student’s parent(s)/guardian(s), the principal of the school must refer the student to an IPRC. The IPRC will decide whether the student is an exceptional pupil and, if so, what type of educational placement is appropriate.

This workshop will provide an overview of the IPRC process to assist parents in understanding what is involved, along with roles and responsibilities.

Unit Overview

Unit 1: Before the IPRC

Unit 2: Looking at Assessments for the IPRC

Unit 3: The IPRC Meeting, Part 1

Unit 4: The IPRC Meeting, Part 2

Unit 5: Outcome of the IPRC

Unit 6: Additional resources and references for this workshop

Part Three: ADHD: The Home & School Connection

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This workshop is designed to give parents of children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) a better understanding of ADHD, and to help parents establish effective partnerships with their child’s school.  It is based on research from The Hospital for Sick Children and the resources for the TeachADHD project. All secondary resources for this workshop can be found at

Unit Overview

Unit 1: Foundations: Basic Information about ADHD

Unit 2: Rethinking ADHD from a Cognitive Perspective

Unit 3: Building Effective Communication between Home and School

Unit 4: Specific Home-School Communication

Unit 5: Further Resources