Job-Fit was developed to help people with learning disabilities (LDs) improve and enhance their employability and job-readiness skills. There is no requirement for a formal diagnosis or assessment of learning disabilities for someone to use Job-Fit. Individuals may find Job-Fit useful even if they have not been identified as having learning disabilities but are having difficulties similar to individuals with diagnosed learning disabilities.

The experience of those who have LDs and who are successful in their work environment has shown that learning disabilities can be overcome. People with learning disabilities are usually employable. With the right training, support, self-awareness, and accommodation they can become self-supporting, productive workers.

Job-Fit was developed to assist persons with learning disabilities to become more self-aware, to make any necessary changes for themselves, and to become productively employed. The premise behind Job-Fit is that if adults with learning disabilities are to be successful at obtaining and retaining employment, a better process for matching strengths with employment was needed.

Job-Fit owes much of its philosophy to Gerber’s work in emphasizing the importance of an individual with LDs understanding their own strengths and weaknesses, and then making educational and vocational choices that built on their strengths and minimize the impact of their weaker skills. Also imbedded in Job-Fit is the importance of developing self-awareness and self-advocacy skills to create a more self-sufficient and independent individual.

Job-Fit leads the individual, with the support of a facilitator, through the development of a clear understanding of their specific learning disability and its potential impact on their employment prospects.

By coming to understand their strengths, they are assisted in developing the self-awareness to make good employment choices, understand their accommodation needs and develop the vocabulary to help others understand both what they need and what they have to offer.

Following this aspect, the focus shifts to refining the individual’s understanding of their learning and working preferences and style. Participants:

  • are offered information on the employment options
  • learn how to develop a resume
  • practice the skills necessary to market themselves to an employer.
  • focuses on the development of organizational and interpersonal skills necessary to retain employment

Combined with the FREE Facilitator’s Guide, Job-Fit offers a comprehensive approach to assisting individuals with learning disabilities to find and retain suitable employment, and enjoy the self-sufficiency and success for which we all strive.

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