Psychological assessments, done by a qualified member of the College of Psychologists (a psychologist or psychological associate), are the way that learning disabilities are diagnosed. Assessments can also provide a lot of useful information about your profile of abilities (your strengths as well as your weak areas) and about ways of helping (strategies and accommodations).

Having an assessment and diagnosis is especially important if you are currently a student (at any level), as schools are obligated to offer accommodations for people diagnosed with LDs. There are ways of accessing assessment for most students, although there can often be long waiting lists.

For adults who are out of school, getting an affordable assessment can be more of a problem. Psychologists in private practice are not covered under OHIP, although most group medical plans will cover some part of the fee, with a doctor’s referral. Employee Assistance Programs can be helpful as well.

If you are interested in finding out about your options for getting an assessment, you could contact one of the local chapters of LDAO, or the provincial office.

Select this link for LDAO Recommended Practices for Assessment, Diagnosis & Documentation of LDs, 2003 (PDF Document)

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Select this link for  Psychological, Psychoeducational & Neuropsychological Assessment Information for Adults & Families  (PDF Document)

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