Free ADHD Resource Now Available

The ADHDe Project from the University of Windsor is delighted to announce the launch of the project’s press book, which can be found on the eCampus Ontario Open Library. This free resource is available to any organization to use and adapt, in part or in whole, to create a similar program for their community.

The ADHDe Project is a student-led initiative. The “e” in “ADHDe” stands for education, equity, and empowerment. The project aims to assist with destigmatizing ADHD and neurodiversity, provide students with resources and support, and promote a welcoming and inclusive environment in postsecondary.

The press book shares the project’s contents, including a social media campaign, a digital ADHD resource guide, and a variety of presentations on the topic. These presentations include a 10-minute mini-workshop suitable for a classroom or committee presentation, a workshop for instructors, a general professional development workshop, and a high school panel presentation.

Students with lived experience and student allies with support from the University of Windsor Office of Human Rights, Equity and Accessibility designed the ADHDe project. The project was created in partnership with the Learning Disabilities Association of Windsor-Essex and funded by the Government of Ontario through the EnAbling Change Program. The French version of the press book is coming soon!

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The ADHDe Project press book link:

Five-Part YouTube Series On-Demand: The ADHDe Project for High School Students