Just as the stress of learning disabilities can affect a family, it can also have a big impact on other important relationships.. Dating,and long-term relationships involve subtle communications and negotiations , so an LD that affects communication is certainly going to have an impact. Organisational issues can make living together, sharing expenses and planning difficult. Attention and focus difficulties can leave one or both partners feel ignored or unimportant.

Self-knowledge is, again, the key to this. A loving partner can deal much more easily with a difficult character trait if they can understand, talk about, and help with it. All partnerships work through balancing strengths and weaknesses, and if both people can be honest and clear about these from the start, unpleasant surprises can be avoided.

Relationships are never easy, and there isn’t anyone out there who’s “perfect” (ie. has no “issues”.) We all have to work to blend lives and families, and people with LDs are no different. But a positive union is a powerful thing, so give it a strong start by being positive, honest and solution-focussed about your LDs – and the rest of what makes you unique.

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