LDAO Bylaws

LDAO By-laws is the legal document by which LDAO and the Chapters conduct their registered charity work. All Chapters, incorporated or not, must abide by all LDAO By-Laws, in addition to any additional by-laws the separately incorporated chapters may have requested permission from LDAO to add to their document. Select this link to open. Right-click to save to your computer.

LDAO Governance Policy Manual

The LDAO Governance Policy Manual is also binding on all LDAO Chapters, with the approved changes they are allowed to request from LDAO to suit their local needs. This document outlines effective practices for good governance at both the provincial and chapter levels. Select this link to open. Right-click to save to your computer.

LDAO Public Policy and Procedure Manual

A lengthy and detailed document outlining and explaining LDAO’s policies and procedures. Important information for chapters and chapter SEAC representatives. Select this link to open. Right-click to save to your computer. Printer warning – this document runs upwards of 300 pages.

Accreditation Manual

This is the newest version of the Accreditation Manual used for training resource facilitators. It is divided into five sections, each of which can be downloaded as a PDF document.

New chapter staff and volunteers who are doing resource facilitation should read the manual and can get started on the Community Resources section.  This is the “fill in” section for your own community services and contacts.  The various categories of services can be recorded in this manual or in any other format that works for you, in order to complete Accreditation.

Chapter staff and volunteers who have previously taken Accreditation training will want to read the Important Information section, as there may have been changes since your training.

  1. Introduction
  2. Important Information
  3. Community Resources
  4. Skills Section
  5. Additional Readings

HR Policies

This document is under construction. Consult with Karen if you have questions about this.

Mission Statement

LDAO’s mission is to provide leadership in learning disabilities advocacy, research, education and services and to advance the full participation of children, youth and adults with learning disabilities in today’s society.

We value promoting positive change through:

  • Innovation
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Credible advocacy
  • Informed public policy and
  • Quality products and services


The LDAO’s 2001 Definition of LDs, plus a Working Description and supporting documents. Select this link to view.