/Language Development: Milestones, Signs of Delay & Resources (Online)
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Main goal : Recognize the signs of a language delay or disorder in children, offer early stimulation and refer to the right resources

Format: WebinarDuration: 3 hours

Target audience: Educational Professionals, Health Professionals, Parents, Teachers, Educational Consultants, Other Education Workers, Child Care Workers

Sectors: Postsecondary Education, Continuing Education, Adult Education, Human Resources, Employment Center

Level: Beginner



  • Be able to identify signs of language delay and warning signs, provide early stimulation and intervention, and refer families to available resources in the event of language difficulties.
  • Be sensitive to the reality and peculiarities of allophone or bilingual children.

To register: https://www.institutta.com/ateliers-de-formation/ and click on book

For more information please contact Christine Couston, 514-847-1324 extension 223 or 1-877-847-1324 or developpement.services@institutta.com