Provincial Demonstration Schools – Update!

The school year 2016 -17 will now see the Demonstration schools in operation. The consultation process is still ongoing so the future long term still needs to be defined. On April 13th a letter went out to parents and guardians saying that “we are now resuming the demonstration school admission process for 2016-2017” but also that “While no other decisions have been made, the ministry is carefully considering the input received from the consultations.”

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What’s New

  • LD @ School

English and French resources for educators

LD@school/TA@l’école: English and French resources for educators who work with students with learning disabilities.

  • sudbury_family_radio_interview_oct2013

How Sudbury family deals with LDs

Listen to a great CBC interview with a mother and daughter from our Sudbury chapter, about their experience living with learning disabilities

  • featured11

Myths and Facts about Learning Disabilities

LDs are a life-long condition that affects people differently depending on the situation.

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