Important opportunity to give feedback on accessibility standards for Kindergarten-Grade-12 Education

The Kindergarten-Grade-12 Education (K-12) Standards Development Committee has made recommendations to the Minister for Seniors and Accessibility and their recommendations have been posted for feedback from the public. This is a very important opportunity to influence future education for students with disabilities.

The K-12 Committee was tasked with developing recommendations for proposed accessibility education standards in the publicly-funded K-12 sector. The Committee is comprised of people with disabilities, representatives from disability organizations, and education sector experts.

In addition, a Technical Sub-Committee, made up of members of the K-12 and Post-secondary Education Committees, has developed initial recommendations on student transitions between different levels of the education sector; and between education and employment and the community.

Both Reports have been posted on for public review and feedback.

Public feedback will be welcomed until November 1st, 2021. The Reports and associated surveys for public feedback can be viewed here:

Consultation: Initial recommendations for the development of proposed Kindergarten to Grade 12 (K-12) education accessibility standards |

The ministry is also accepting written submissions on the Committee’s behalf by email at:

The Committees will review and consider all feedback before they finalize their recommendations and submit their final reports to the Minister for Seniors and Accessibility for consideration.