/Webinar: Self-Regulation and ADHD – From Chaos to Smoother Sailing
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Self-Regulation is critical to our well-being, and ADHD is essentially a disorder of self-regulation. Self-regulation allows us to control our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, and achieve an overall state of well-being. Unfortunately, self-regulation difficulties are often mistaken for “behavior problems” (e.g. oppositionality, tantrums, etc.) or negative character traits (e.g. manipulative, controlling, disrespectful, etc.), leading people to respond in ways that very often contribute to further dysregulation. This seminar will provide important information about self-regulation, including the factors that influence it, and practical strategies to help those who struggle with it.


Dr. Smith has her Ph.D. in Child Clinical and School Psychology, is a registered psychologist in Toronto. She has worked with diverse client populations in community, outpatient, residential, and inpatient settings at Youthdale Treatment Centres, the Toronto District School Board, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), and in private practice. She has had the opportunity to provide a wide range of services, including assessment (e.g. psychoeducational, complex, and differential diagnostic assessments), and therapy (e.g. individual, group, and family therapy).

Dr. Smith’s areas of interest include ADHD and areas of functioning related to ADHD (e.g. sleep, diet, exercise, social skills, and executive functioning), as well as self-regulation, “behaviour,” learning disabilities, Autism, mood/anxiety disorders, self-harm, and eating disorders. She uses an integrative approach to treatment and intervention, utilizing strategies drawn from the fields of child development, neurodevelopment, self-regulation, mindfulness, and collaborative problem-solving, as well as cognitive-behavioural, dialectical behavioural, and family therapy. She is also an advocate for those affected by ADHD, as well as for children and families experiencing other mental health issues that negatively impact behavioural functioning.

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