/Webinar: Discovering Dyslexia Webinar Series Episode Four: Dyslexia and the Future
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The world of work is changing, fast. We may not know the jobs of the future. But we know the capabilities that we’ll need. And while machines take over ‘straight line thinking’, the world of work will need minds that can think differently. EY’s Value of Dyslexia reports found that dyslexics have exactly the minds needed for this new world of work. But while intelligence agencies and businesses globally are now recognising dyslexia as a valuable skill set, understanding of dyslexia in schools remains very poor, and there is virtually no understanding of the value of Dyslexic Thinking.

Made By Dyslexia is a global charity, led by successful dyslexics, here to help the world understand, value and support dyslexia. They have partnered with Microsoft to develop FREE, online, dyslexia awareness training to help teachers spot dyslexic thinkers and help them harness their potential. The training features dyslexia experts from exemplar schools, Schenck in USA and Millfield UK, who’s heads join our founder for this webinar to explore the future of dyslexia.

Our goal is to put the information, tools and resources required to support students with dyslexia into action in every classroom in Canada. This webinar series is intended as a starting point, to help educators navigate the research, and discover new tools and strategies to help students with dyslexia succeed. And what’s more, learning about dyslexia provides an opportunity for educators to positively shift the entire curve. Research has shown that when the educational strategies that students with dyslexia need are used for whole class instruction outcomes improve for everyone!

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