/Live Webinar – ADHD in Older Adults: From Late Diagnosis to Treatment Strategies
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ADHD in children is the most highly researched disorder in the world, but we know relatively little about how ADHD affects adults — and almost nothing about its presentations and challenges for older adults. Not so long ago, we thought that people outgrew ADHD; even today, many professionals believe that ADHD is a minor issue for older adults. Statistics tell a different story.

Accurate diagnosis and treatment for older adults is critical, yet few psychiatrists, neurologists, and psychologists are trained adequately in mid-life or late-life ADHD. As a result, there is a strong risk that never-diagnosed ADHD in older adults will be mistaken for early signs of dementia.

Kathleen Nadeau has been studying and interviewing older adults with ADHD across the country for several years now. She will discuss their life stories as well as how they are meeting challenges, managing symptoms, and achieving successes.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to distinguish ADHD from mild cognitive decline in older adults
  • The struggles and benefits of a late ADHD diagnosis
  • Key considerations when treating older adults with medication and psychotherapy
  • The primary life challenges of older adults with ADHD
  • The different challenges men and women with ADHD face in their later years