/Executive Functioning and Emotion Regulation – Online
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This workshop provides participants with an understanding of the nature of executive functioning (higher order thinking skills including planning, organization, and flexibility) for children with LDs in this area. Practical strategies to support the development of executive functioning skills and self-regulation will be shared.

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$15 per person paid by the Wednesday prior to the workshop date. Fees are payable online via Eventbrite.

Note: fees may be waived or reduced based on financial needand at our discretion, please e-mail us at LDMHcommunity@childdevelop.ca with the e-mail title “WAIVE”.

Who should come?
Workshops are primarily designed for parents and caregivers of children with learning disabilities (LDs). Family and community members, educators, counsellors and any other interested adults are welcome.

Workshop will be offered virtually through Webex. Please choose a quiet space with limited distractions, as these workshops will be interactive. Attendees will need access to a computer with reliable internet connection.