LDAO and LDA chapter videos

What Are LDs? – a short video introduction for children

Heartspeak about Learning Disabilities : Learning Disabilities Association of York Region

Learning About Learning Disabilities : Learning Disabilities Association of Toronto

LDA Toronto  videos in  Cantonese and Mandarin

LDA  of Alberta videos
The videos were created by Edmonton, Alberta based video artist and producer, Ryan Ewasko for the LDAA

Video YouTube Vimeo
What are learning disabilities? View View
Can people with learning disabilities be identified and   supported? View View
What are the costs of learning disabilities? View View


How Difficult Can This Be? The F.A.T. City Workshop—Understanding Learning Disabilities

This unique program lets viewers experience the frustration, anxiety, and tension faced by children with learning disabilities. Workshop facilitator Richard Lavoie presents a series of striking simulations emulating daily experience of LD children. Teachers, social workers, and parents, workshop participants, reflect upon how the workshop changed their approach to LD children. Includes discussion of mainstreaming discipline and self-concept.

The ABCs of ADHD

This DVD of practical information for parents and families on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is developed from TeachADHD, as set of multimedia resource tools for teachers and other education professionals co-produced by The Hospital For Sick Children and TVOntario, in partnership with National Institute for Mental Health, Canadian Institutes of Health Research, and Shire BioChem Inc. 2006.

Videos on the National Center for Learning Disabilities website (www.ncld.org/learning-disability-resources/videos)