Thank you Karen Quinn – 38 Years of service lead to well-earned retirement

It is with mixed emotions that we are saying goodbye to the longest serving member of the LDAO staff team, Karen Quinn, our Director of Operations. Karen has been part of LDAO for nearly 38 years and has served in a number of capacities during her long and distinguished tenure. As 2016 draws to a close, Karen decided it was the right time to move on to a new phase of her life, take some vacation she hadn’t used and start a fresh year with a clean slate.

Hence, Karen’s final day last week ended with the annual staff lunch where she said her goodbyes and left a legacy for us to continue to honour as LDAO moves on without her.

The speed of the decision caught us all off-guard and we will be looking to honour Karen appropriately down the line after she has enjoyed a trip to Hawaii, which will be the first event of her new era. LDAO is grateful for the years of service, and all of the staff, board, chapter staff and members who dealt with Karen will, I am sure, join us in wishing her a long and exciting retirement. It is fair to say she leaves LDAO better than she found it and despite a number of huge challenges across the years, she always made sure LDAO moved through them and grew from them.

LDAO will make staff announcements in the coming weeks for the future, and in the meantime Karen’s email and phone will be monitored. If you have a specific concern, please call the office at (416) 929-4311 and speak to Lawrence.

Thank you Karen and very best wishes for the future from everyone you supported at LDAO and beyond!