/Discovering Dyslexia Webinar Series Episode One: Dyslexia Explained
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Dyslexia is the most common learning difference affecting students in Canadian classrooms, yet many educators feel unsure and frustrated about how to help these students succeed. We will discuss the nature of dyslexia and address some of the common misconceptions with Dr. Jamie Metsala, a registered clinical psychologist and Professor of Education at Mount St. Vincent University. Having dyslexia not only affects the student in the classroom but it also has a physiological component in everyday life. We will be joined by developmental pediatrician, Dr. Nicola Jones-Stokreef to explore and lessen the impacts of this.

Our goal is to put the information, tools and resources required to support students with dyslexia into action in every classroom in Canada. This webinar series is intended as a starting point, to help educators navigate the research, and discover new tools and strategies to help students with dyslexia succeed. And what’s more, learning about dyslexia provides an opportunity for educators to positively shift the entire curve. Research has shown that when the educational strategies that students with dyslexia need are used for whole class instruction outcomes improve for everyone!

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